Extreme Checking

This paperless account rewards users with a premium interest rate and the opportunity to do nearly all of your banking needs wherever you are.

  • First tier variable rate on balances up to $20,000.99*
  • Second tier variable rate on balances above $20,001.00. *Rates may change. Fees could reduce earnings.
  • Base rate applies to non-qualified cycles
  • $100 opening balance
  • No minimum balance required
  • No maintenance fees
  • Unlimited check writing
  • Limit 2 per household
  • Up to $15 of ATM fees refunded per qualification cycle

4 simple requirements to receive interest and ATM refunds:
1. 10 GSB MasterCard debit card transactions. Transactions must be posted and cleared per qualification cycle. ATM transactions do not qualify.
2. 1 direct deposit or ACH auto payment. ACH payments include: direct deposit of payroll; Social Security and other government benefits and tax refunds; direct payment of consumer bills such as mortgages, loans and utility bills and insurance premiums; E-checks; E-commerce payments; Federal, state and local tax payments. The transaction must post and clear per qualification cycle.
3. Access online banking at least 1 time during your qualification cycle.
4. Receive an e-statement       

Now Checking

  • Variable interest rate. Compounded monthly.
  • $100 opening balance
  • Interest bearing over $1,000
  • $7.50 monthly service fee below $1,000

Priceless Checking

  • $100 opening balance
  • No minimum balance required

Prime Time Checking

  • Variable interest rate. Compounded monthly for those age 62 and better
  • $100 opening balance
  • Interest earned on balances over $1,000
  • Limit one account per family

Prepaid Mastercard

Discover a new way to manage your money. Prepaid cards offer an alternative to a traditional checking account or can be supplemental to an existing checking account.

  • No credit checks
  • No overdrafts
  • No credit card debt

Click here to learn more about the Unlimited Access Prepaid Card.

Click here to learn more about the Payroll Prepaid Card.       

Health Savings Account


  • $10 opening balance
  • MasterCard debit cards
  • No charge for e-statements
  • Variable Interest Rate, Compounded monthly. Interest earned on balances over $100.
  • $3.00 monthly fee assessed to accounts falling below $500 beginning 90 days after account opening.