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Don’t go to your mailbox…go to your inbox! Receive your statements via email notices rather than waiting for them to come in the mail. Switching to e-statements saves paper and saves you time. You may quickly and easily view the same information that’s on your paper statements and they’re more secure than paper statements.

 You’ll receive a monthly email notification when your e-statements are available. From there, you log into online banking to view, print or save a PDF version of your statement. Your online statement will include images of your checks just like the statement you receive through the mail. It’s protected by the same encryption technology that safeguards your accounts online. Your e-statements are available online for up to 18 months, making it easier for record keeping and tax preparation. Visit one of our locations to opt-in or sign-up for e-statements right here.

Insured Cash Sweep

With the Insured Cash Sweep (ICS) service, your business can access multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance on funds placed into deposit accounts. There is no minimum beginning deposit requirement.

Why ICS?

Through ICS you can:

  • Enjoy Peace of Mind. ICS funds are eligible for multi-million-dollar FDIC insurance.
  • Earn Interest. Put excess cash balances to work in interest bearing accounts.
  • Save Time. By providing access to FDIC insurance through a single bank relationship, ICS can help public entities comply with investment policy mandates. And with access to FDIC insurance, you can reduce ongoing collateral-tracking requirements.
  • Access Funds. Enjoy daily liquidity in your transaction account at our bank; your transaction account can be replenished by withdrawing ICS funds.

How does ICS work?

When our bank places funds for you using ICS, your deposit is sent from your transaction account at our bank into deposit accounts at other ICS Network banks in amounts below the standard FDIC insurance maximum ($250,000). This makes your funds eligible for FDIC protection. As a result, you can access FDIC insurance coverage from many institutions while working directly with just us, an institution you already know and trust. It’s that easy.

Visit the ICS website for more information or contact Grand Savings Bank today at 800-460-2070.

Merchant Capture

Merchant Capture is like bringing the banks teller window to your business. No more driving to the bank to make a deposit. Capture money orders, consumer checks, cashier’s checks and corporate checks electronically with a secure, accountable check processing system. Merchant Capture is a one-stop solution that includes electronic payment processing, online reporting and risk management services. Powerful but simple technology adds up to big savings!

  • Receive funds faster
  • Eliminate need to take checks to the bank
  • Enjoy later, daily deposit deadlines
  • Accept telephone payments
  • Offers speed, savings, convenience and security
  • No need to purchase, install, or maintain software
  • Improves efficiency and profitability

Log-in to your Merchant Capture account here.

Merchant Processing

At Grand Savings Bank, we distinguish ourselves by providing payment processing knowledge and tailored solutions that assist our clients in achieving key business objectives.  With our years of experience, the goals of our Merchant Services team remains the same: to provide you with superior customer service as well as the most efficient payment processing program.  Along with our program we are able to help you reduce operating costs, improve cash flow, and minimizing exposure to fraud and risk.  We accomplish these goals with the assistance of our business partner, CBMS.  CBMS provides the expertise needed in the payment processing industry that helps Grand Savings Bank distinguish ourselves in this arena.

Our Merchant Services program solutions offer:

  • Increased payment acceptance opportunities
  • Fast Transaction and Settlement Approvals
  • EMV (Smart Chip) and Mobile Wallet payment acceptance solutions, such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay
  • Free online reporting to access daily activity and deposits, as well as monthly summary statements
  • CBMS's dedication to the highest level of customer service
  • State-of-the-art processing methods and technology, including mobile processing solutions and tablet-based POS systems
  • Proactive PCI Compliance program to assist in protection our merchants                           

With our processing partnership, we have access to direct wholesale pricing with Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. In addition we are able to offer pin-based debit solutions as well as gift card options. We would love the opportunity to complete a FREE savings analysis for your business to show you the benefits and features of a Merchant Services program with Grand Savings Bank. Simply give Grand Savings Bank a call at 800-460-2070 or by email at customerservice@grandsavingsbank.com to learn more.

Cash Management

Cash Management is a suite of online services specifically designed to help our commercial customers easily and efficiently meet their financial management needs. The tools in this suite range from file transfer capabilities to online currency order; but the real power of Cash Management lies in its ability to allow users to initiate funds transfers between banks. Plus, Cash Management uses all of the current popular methods to move funds between banks: check writing, wire transfer and ACH.

Pay Bills allows you to submit bill payments online. These payments will be made either electronically, taking three business days, or as paper drafts, which take five to eight business days.

ACH Payments allows you to transfer funds to an account at another financial institution. Because we use the ACH payment network for this service, you reap the control benefits of sending money via ACH, such as specifying when the recipient actually receives the funds.

Payroll is the ability to credit multiple recipient accounts, regardless of where those accounts are held. One of the efficient features of this service is that you can split a payroll amount between two different accounts at two different banks, giving you better control of your resources.

ACH Receipts is the opposite of ACH payments. You may use this feature to collect funds owed to you from end users.

Collections is a useful tool to collect recurring dues or fees from members or clients. Collections allows you to debit multiple accounts outside the bank at the same time, and credits your account inside the bank for the sum total of those debits.

EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment Services) allows you to send funds for federal tax payments straight to the Internal Revenue Service.

Wire Transfer Requests allows you to place wire transfers over the Internet. The recipient will receive the credit that same day as long as you place the wire transfer request within valid business hours.

Order Currency allows you to place an order to the bank for coin and currency.

Authorize Transactions is a security feature especially designed to provide dual control for Cash Management Services. It allows you to establish different security levels within your company.

Supervisor Functions allows you to establish individual user rights for a list of companies and subsidiaries. Individual users of the system can be granted rights to accounts and payment categories, as well as access to features such as Bill Payments, ACH Payments and EFT Tax payments.

Deluxe Check Reordering

Save time and reorder your checks online. Visit the Deluxe Checks website to quickly reorder your checks (click the link to visit the website).

Please note that if you're ordering checks for the first time, or you need information on your checks changed, then you'll need to call or come into a Grand Savings Bank location.

Business Credit & Debit Cards

Debit Cards

Use your MasterCard debit card to pay for purchases with the convenience of a credit card. The money is automatically deducted from your checking account. It’s faster and easier than writing a check. It also works as your ATM card.

MasterCard Guide to Benefits PDF

Credit Cards

Business credit cards are coming soon. Please visit the Apply page to learn more about our personal credit card options and apply today!